We’re on a mission to support corporate success through innovative financial solution

Fin2B brings finance to small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs)
with limited access to first-tier financial institutions.

Fin2B is a leading SCF Fintech company in Asia

Fin2B aims to lead and connect key markets in SEA and Korea.
We support better future of SMEs by innovative financial solutions.


Fin2B’s core value

Fin2B’s core value Fin2B has a very strong corporate culture, the Fin2B Way. The core values shared and practiced by all in Fin2B are the most valuable intangible assets that serve as the standard for value judgment and behavior. These core values represent the talents required by Fin2B. Fin2B way is value and beliefs shared by Fin2B that guides judgment and action of all in Fin2B.

01. Integrity

· Think and behave in a self-respecting manner.
· Work confidently based on critical thinking.
· Always make decisions based on principles.

02. Respect

· Make every effort to understand others’ needs
· Recognize and respect individual differences.
· Communicate positively and openly.

03. Commitment

· Do not delegate responsibility to others.
· Take responsibility for the results.
· Actively seek support when needed, give full support when asked.

04. Value Creation

· Priorities customers' interests in every decision making.
· Provide valuable insights and suggest creative alternatives.
· Make every effort to grow individually with the company.

Our Timeline


04DBK Partners Setup
10Fin2B Launched


02 Certificated Venture Startup
03 Strategic Investment - Bankware Global
09 2nd Place Maekyung Fintech Award (Sep 05, 2016)
10 Lotte Accelerating Program Granted, SI Investment
12 VC Investment- Evergreen Partners


02 A/R Discounting Service Launched in Korea
03 SBA Accelerating Program Granted
07 Strategic Investment - Hanyang Digitech
10 ASIA BEAT Shift Award (Oct 17, 2017)
10 1st Patent Granted in Korea
10 TIPS Program Granted
12 Strategic Investment - SBA (Seoul Business Agency)
12 Certified K-Global 300


03 Fin2B Asia PTE. LTD Setup in Singapore
05 Fintech Challenge Vietnam Finalist (May 29, 2018)
05 MOU with VP Bank Securities
08 Fin2B Vietnam LLC Setup in Hanoi
10 A/R Discounting Service Launched in Vietnam
11 Taipei Startup Conference 3rd Place Awrad (Nov 14, 2018)
12 Strategic Investment - Miraeasset


07 Seoul Fintech Lab Granted
08 2nd Patent Granted in Korea
07 Launch service in Vietnam with Miraeasset
09 Vietnam Fintech Summit 3rd Place Award (Sep 24, 2019)
09 KB Innovation Hub Program Granted


02 1st Patent Granted in Singapore
04 Woori Bank Dinno lab Program Granted
04 Certified SW 200
04 MOU with KB Bank
05 MOU with KB Capital
08 Launch service in Vietnam with Woori Bank Vietnam
09 Strategic Investment - KB Capital
11 SIFIC IR Competition 4th Place Award (Nov 6, 2020)


08 2nd Patent Granted in Singapore
11 Dealer Financing Platform Service Launched in India
12 Vendor and Dealer Finance Platform Service Launched in Vietnam
12 Dealer Financing Platform Service Launched in Indonesia
12 MOU with Mesh Korea


06 Vietnam Vendor Finance Platform Service Expansion (w/Shinhan Bank)
06 Indonesia Vendor/Dealer Finance Platform Service (w/KB Bukopin Bank)
06 Series A Funding - Shinhan & K-Growth Fund
08 MOU with Shinhan Financial Group
09 Korea Fintech Week, IR Competition 1st Place Award (Sep 29, 2022)
09 3rd Patent Granted in Singapore
11 3 Patents Granted in Indonesia


01 Accumulative Loan Amout KRW 100 Billion in SEA
05 Post-TIPS Program Granted
06 GSIP(Global SaaS Incubating Program) Granted
06 KSC(Korea Startup Center) Program Granted
06 MOU with Hana Bank
06 Accumulative Loan Amout KRW 200 Billion in SEA
07 KB Starters Singapore Program Granted
08 Vietnam Startup Wheel, Top 5
09 Fintech Demoday in Ho Chi Minh City (Sep 06, 2023)
11 Certified K-Fintech 30 by Financial Services Commission (Nov 6, 2023)
11 Cloud Service Accredited by KACI (Nov 10, 2023)
12 Fintech Demoday 3rd Place Award (Dec 13, 2023)
12 Scale-up IR Day by Seoul City and K-OTC 2nd Place Award (Dec 18, 2023)
12 MOU with Viet Tin Financial Holdings


01 Accumulative Loan Amout KRW 350 Billion in SEA
01 3rd Patent Granted in Korea
01 4th Patent Granted in Singapore

Fin2B Inc.
Seoul, KOREA
Fin2B Asia PTE. LTD.
Singapore, SINGAPORE
(+84.24) 6294 3885